Fundation Objectives - BSM-SG

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1. Promoting a new knowledge about the micro-cosmos and Universe, and the meaning of the existence of our civilization as a part of the intelligent life in the Universe;
2. Understanding the potential danger of self-destruction of our civilization and life conditions on Earth;
3. Observance of the moral values of peoples established over the centuries;
4. Supporting the perception of the physical bio-field of living organisms and thus the awareness of spirituality and higher forms of intelligent life;
5. Stimulating the exploration of the micro-cosmos and the Universe by using theoretical models leading to new discoveries and technologies;
6. Supporting the construction of a network environment for the ethical exchange of intangible and material goods between citizens, enterprises and institutions.
Means of achieving the objectives:
1.     Educational public activity related to the understanding and application of the principles, according to the new knowledge about space and universe
2.     Organization and support of research and development activities;
3. Development and implementation of international standards about safe use of technologies regarding unwanted biological impact on humans and ecology;
4. Creation and development of dynamic Internet-based platform to accelerate cooperation for the exchange of information, scientific and applied knowledge. Implementation of exchange relations and assessment of their quality and effectiveness, in accordance with the Foundation's Code of Ethics;
5. Organization of on-site and online events: seminars, lectures, and conferences;
6. Creation of joint programs between businesses and providers of education, training and upbringing;
7. Establishment of awards and scholarships;
8. Support of other activities with a positive impact on society and nature.
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Created: June 27, 2023 Updated: Jan 1, 2024
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