Information Field in Space - BSM-SG

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Information Field based on Entangled Photon Loops – Hypothesis

Stoyan Sarg

Abstract: The hypothesis suggests a possibility for existence of information field based on loops of entangled photons with different circular polarization connected in complex compound of loops. Such hypothetical loops are predicted to preserve the quantum energy like the photons, while being localized in a closed volume. They could be possibly generated by the molecules of DNA and proteins possessing long chain structures with distributed atomic rings. According to BSM-SG theory the atomic rings in such bio-molecules are able to store energy as rotating quantum states. When properly triggered, the stored energy of many molecules could be emitted as avalanche of closed loop entangled photons that could carry the code sequence of the DNA or protein. The human brain contains an enormous quantity of proteins with atomic rings so it might be a proper environment for generation of complex field of entangled photons connected in loops. Once generated, such field might exist also outside of the brain. The large variety of the loop interconnections theoretically permits to store a significant amount of information in a closed volume of space. Information field of such kind is massless, so it could be considered as nonmaterial

Information Field in Space
Absentia presentation of Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev at International conference in Viterbo, Italy, 2013  low resolution (open with google chrome)
Information field of the soul. Interview of Stoyan Sargoytchev in Stoycho Kerev's show: The New Knowledge (in Bulgarian language)   (open with google chrome)

Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev Information Field based on Entangled Photon Loops (2013)
Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev Energy in Universe and its syntropic form of existence (2014)

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