Institute Objectives - BSM-SG

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  1. Theoretical base of understanding the physics of space, matter, and all kinds of physical fields: electrical, magnetic, and     gravitational.
  2. Strong observation of the principle of physical reality, causality, and logical understanding in all fields of physics including     quantum mechanics.
  3. Revealing the existence of a law of Supergravitation as the most fundamental law in the Universe
  4. Showing the relationship between the microcosmos and the Universe in the vast scale of time and physical dimensions.     Understanding the formation and cycle of the galaxies, and their connection in the everlasting Universe. Understanding the physics behind the formation of globular clusters.
  5. A new concept of the Universe is different from the theory of the Big Bang based on the revealed physics of space and the physical origin of the galactic redshift.
  6. Revealing the relationship between quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, and the theory of relativity
  7. Revealing the level of matter organization and the intrinsic relation between matter and energy.
  8. Revealing the existence of a biological field in space, as an indispensable feature of all kinds of living organisms, and      its role in the spirit and consiosness at the higher level of intelligent      life.
  9. Promoting the major derivations of the BSM-SG theory: the Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures and its potential for      analysis in chemistry, pharmacology, biomolecules, and nanotechnology; revealing the primary source of all kinds of energies; the feasibility of antigravitational technology for distant space travels; the physics of bio-field as a completely different field not predicted by prior theoretical physics.
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Created: June 27, 2023 Updated: Jan 1, 2024
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