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Program document of the "Earth Civilization and Universe" foundation
The organization is based on new knowledge about space and the Universe

The ideological basis of the organization is a philosophical issue about the nature and meaning of the Earth’s civilization as part of intelligent life in the Universe. It is based on the conclusions emerging from the theoretical work of Dr. Stoyan Sarg Sargoichev's, titled Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation Unified Theory (BSM-SG). Scientific arguments lead to a new understanding on space, microcosmos, and the Universe.
Main problem of modern civilization: Rapid technological development at the expense of spirituality and moral principles has brought modern civilization to a critical moment of its existence. Growing military opposition escalating to nuclear conflict could lead to the extinction of life on Earth as a result of the loss of its atmosphere. A similar cataclysm occurred on Mars in a distant historical past as a result of powerful explosions of unknown origin.
PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION: Prevention of danger leading to self-destruction of our civilization and life on Earth.
1. Principles on which the survival of our civilization depends
1.1 Basic Physiological Principle: All humans on Earth have the same DNA ie. they have the same origin. Other intelligent beings, according to the new view of the Universe, could be different. This also implies a radically different degree of spirituality.
1.2 Value systems for the coexistence of peoples of different nations.
1.2.1 Observing the moral values ​​of peoples in nations established over the centuries.
1.2.2 No country or union has the right to impose its views or value system on another country or union.
1.3 Religious principles
1.3.1 Mutual respect between all existing religions.
1.3.2 Every religion is free to exist within its religious community.
1.3.3 No religion or religious community has the right to impose its views and norms on other religious communities.
1.4. Spiritual and moral principles
1.4.1 Living organisms have a biological field based on a physical basis. It cannot be detected by traditional electromagnetic devices, but its role in life is essential. Its physical form provides the energy-information base of living organisms. The perception of its reality helps to realize spirituality in the highest and mostly highest forms of intelligent life.
1.4.2 Realizing the role of Love according to the philosophy of Beinsa Douno, as a unifying spiritual principle to ensure peace and prosperity of humanity.
1.4.3 Restoration of spirituality in society and its role in shaping public morality.
1.4.4 Exclusion of any kind of hatred based on religious differences, political and economic views.
1.5. Political and economic principles.
Using the new knowledge about the space and Universe with a purpose for creation of a new political-economic system that could ensure the stable existence prosperity of our civilization.
2. Science and technology: A new direction to the knowledge about microcosmos and the Universe by using theoretically predicted and partially confirmed physical effects and models leading to new technologies. Concentrating on selected discoveries, further development, preserving and observing their intellectual property.
2.1 Use of the atomic models presented in the Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures derived in the BSM-SG theory with their physical dimensions and properties for potential applications in the fields of: nanotechnology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, energy, etc.
2.2. Development of a new type of nuclear energy without radioactive waste, based on cold nuclear fusion.
2.3 Mastering a new method and technology for space travel through a force field based on local gravity control. 
Development of safety standards regarding adverse biological effects on humans and animal bodies.
2.4. Use of new technologies for peaceful purposes. Drafting standards for limitation on research and technologies that could lead to harmful effects on humans, animal life, ecological problems and dangerous consequences for our civilization.


EARTH CIVILIZATION AND THE UNIVERSE FOUNDATION Sveta Nedelja Square, 4, flоor 4, kv. Vazrazhdane, Sofia, BULGARIA
Created: June 27, 2023 Updated: Jan 1, 2024
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